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Squid’s 1st Birthday Update…5 months late October 9, 2012

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Ok, so I’m not good at this blogging bizzo. I admit it freely. I’d say it’s because I’ve finished maternity leave and I’m time-poor now, but really I’m just not that committed. There. It’s been said.

I really have been meaning to put up some photos of my son’s 1st birthday, because I scoured the internets for hours looking for pretty photos of kids’ birthday parties and I want mine in on the actions. Especially the cupcakes. And the monsters. Oh, the monsters!

The invites, thank you cards and paper chains were all Phoenix products (well, hey, benefit of being a trader right there!)


Actually, looking through the photos, I didn’t get any of the decorations or banners. Oh well, rest assured they were sufficiently monsterish. I also didn’t get any photos of the seriously awesome spread of food. See? I suck at this blog thing. The cakes were a normal vanilla cupcake but oh-so-lovely and the best frosting I’ve ever made! Seriously. Googly eyes and “fur” and monsters are complete. The kids loved them but the adults loved them more.

We had our macbook set up with Sparkbooth, which was a real hit with everyone. Sooo easy to use too!

For party favours I gave out bottles of bubbles and everyone got to Adopt-a-Monster. Rebecca Danger (who designed the pattern I based all my monsters on) has a new book coming out and I can’t wait. Full of monsterly cuteness *nods* Her Max sewing pattern is awesome in it’s simplicity and cuteness and it’s VERY customisable as you can see!




Anyway, it was a lovely day with family, friends and babies galore. Squid had fun, and on his birthday, that’s all that matters ❤


March 9: Red March 9, 2012

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I love coffee. I *really* love coffee. I know everyone knocks nespresso as crap but hey, it gives me a consistently decent cuppa without any fuss or leaving the house. Therefore it’s been an absolute godsend in our house with a small baby!

The red ones are fakes though.



March 8: Window March 8, 2012

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I’m going outside to… stalk… Lenny and Carl


March 7: Something You Wore March 7, 2012

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Well, I wear these every day so it’s not that special. I do like these glasses though since they’re a bot more colourful than I usually buy. Plus the fact that they correct my lazy eye so I don’t look like an insane murderer. Yeah, that too.



March 6: “5pm” March 6, 2012

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5pm is dinner time nowadays. Tonight we had spaghetti bolognese and Squidlet gave it a good go feeding himself. Note to self: must cover dining room floor in plastic sheets…


March 5: A smile March 5, 2012

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I bought this 2nd hand last weekend since my 9 month old is pulling himself up on everything… but then crying because there’s nothing to *do* once he gets there! He loves plunking away on the piano. We’ll get him playing Muse yet 🙂


March 4: Bedside March 4, 2012

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Today’s photo a day is ‘bedside’. I love my bed. We bought a new one just after Squidlet arrived and man is it COMFY!




I love spending rare, stolen quiet moments reading in bed in the afternoon when the baby’s napping. I’ve been reading this book since December, even though it’s fabulous. There’s regrettably not enough hours in my day for reading besides the few pages I read before bed (and fall asleep holding them open). Sad and old, I know.

The koala is Charlie and I’ve had him since I was two. Apparently when my mum asked me what I wanted for Christmas I solemnly told her I wanted a Charlie. She then had to work out what a ‘Charlie’ was! I’m an asthmatic, hence the medication, and there’s some luscious lip balm made by my friend at Salt Skincare.

Hmmm, I really want to go stretch out in bed now…